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Klock K2000x Digital Door Lock

Klock K2000x Digital Door Lock

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Klock K2000x Digital Door Lock

Enter your home, unlock it via :

  • FINGERPRINT (Biometric)
  • IN-BUILT WIFI APP (no need any extra module top up)

EXIT YOUR HOME, unlock it via :

  • One touch lock/unlock button
  • Turning knob
  • Total 2 RFID TAG Given

Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
Free Delivery & Installation


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Model KLOCK K2000X
Type Rim Lock
Voice Prompt English / Korean / Mandarin Human Voice
Endurance 365day (15times/day)
Material Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Door Thickness 40-100mm
Power Source 8 x AA Batteries(ALKALINE)
Fingerprint sensitivity Biometric Semiconductor Chip
Alarms Lowbattery, Hitdoor, Fire, Anti-Thief
Emergency Recharge Android Type C / ISO Lightning
Temperature -20℃-55℃
C / P IoT + Bluetooth


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